Dario Dolce and Trevor Yates

Trevor YatesThe first thing you notice when Trevor Yates comes down the stairs is certainly not Trevor himself, just his huge cock bouncing up and down with each step, and that poor banana he pulls from the fridge looks so small and inadequate in comparison!

Darios a braver man than most of us and takes it all whilst moaning in pleasure.

I’m left wondering how long Dario Dolce was waiting behind the door just to catch him in that moment. What follows is some serious cock worshipping of some serious cock, with Dario licking and devouring every inch before Trevor gets his lips and tongue into action.

For all his desire to lick and suck Trevor, Darios true desire is get that mammoth member stuck up his love hole and Trevor is only too happy to comply. Darios a braver man than most of us and takes it all whilst moaning in pleasure.

A big part of the money Trevor makes from BelAmi goes to maintaining his car, with which he is obsessed. He bought a small house and is a real handyman. Here and there, we get into a situation on the set when he is desperately missed at home because something is not working properly. Trevor is the archetypal farmboy; he definitely doesn’t like cities. “He still works for us (as of 2010) and will keep working,” George Duroy says. “He is a lot of fun”.

Dario Dolce came to Bel Ami distrustful and reserved. Before we had a chance to work with him, he disappeared. Some time later, he resurfaced working for another company in Prague, where he shot quite a few episodes. He came back to us this way and had completely changed!

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