Kevin Elola and Fabien Lally

Kevin ElolaThere’s no wondering in this scene what’s on their collective minds as we watch Fabien Lally and Kevin Elola wandering the open countryside. Our minds, on the other hand, are temporarily riveted on Kevin’s pants. They’re hanging so low on his butt, we’re left wondering if they’ll cling to his exposed underwear long enough to get to their destination, a nearby hay barn.

As luck will be, the longhaired Fabien is the first to drop trou as Kevin pours a bottle of lemonade over his throbbing baton, no doubt making it sweeter to the taste. It seems to have done the trick for it induces Fabien to shoot his non-bottled sweetener into Kevin’s mouth before he goes down on bended knee to give his hirsute buddy some serious head in the hay.

Fabien pounds away at Kevin’s butt as though churning butter.

Fabien begins boinking the cute, youthfully shy Kevin standing up. With Kevin’s leg propped up, his cock and balls dangling and swinging so delectably from under his hairy undercarriage, Fabien pounds away at Kevin’s butt as though churning butter. Next, with the mysterious placement of a broken-down hideabed in this forlorn shack of a barn, the boys resume their afternoon exertions in a bit more comfort, at least for Fabien. Many a wide-angle and close-up camera shot unmercifully tantalizes our libidos while focusing upon Fabien’s beautiful derrière with its cheeks flexing alternately from hard to soft as they power the quick jerks in and out of Justin’s rear-end.

Even Fabien’s balls give us palpitations as they repeatedly bounce off Justin’s perineum with each inward movement, and flap about in the breeze as Fabien’s hips pull out momentarily before ramming forward again … and again … and again. Finally, having arrived at the point of no return, Fabien jettisons a load of joy juice onto Kevin’s cute little tushie, the white strands of sticky cum clinging to Kevin’s butt hair as though caught in a spider’s web.

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