Julien Hussey and Florian Nemec walking their dogs

Florian walk the dogFlorian Nemec goes out innocently for a morning walk of the dog where he meets Julien Hussey also walking his dog. The two studs begin to talk a bit and the attraction is clear. Julien invites Florian back to his house where once in, the boys can barely keep their hands off each other.

Its not long before they are totally naked and the big uncut cocks are hard as a rock. They suck each other off for a bit, but soon Julien is riding Florians big cock. Florian drives his big cock deep and hard into Julien causing him to shoot his load. It’s not long until Florian is ready to explode and he does in Juliens waiting mouth.

Julien HusseyWe’ve learned that Julien Hussey has had quite a few wild erotic adventures despite his youth (one of his favorites is having sex with his then-girlfriend and her sister at the same time). And yet he will blush when recounting these hedonistic tales…”

Julien is our impish new sex machine from Budapest.

Julien is our impish new sex machine from Budapest. Julien is on the cover of the upcoming DVD ‘Eye Contact‘ which is directed by Lukas Ridgeston. Julien started off his career as Pablo Suarez. George thought the name was a bit ridiculous, so now he has a new monika and we look forward to building on his clips here at BelAmiOnline.

Florian Nemec“Nemec” is a German surname, and George Duroy thinks “Florian” is rather funny, but he can’t recall how they were applied to our boy. Florian Nemec is Hungarian and his pleasant, outgoing personality reminds George of Luke Hamill. In fact, he performs the same job as Luke in Bel Ami’s office in Budapest. He prepares the models and makes sure they are ready for filming, and has proven himself indispensable as Bel Ami prepares for its newest generation of models from Hungary.

George says Florian came from a troubled family and had to take care of himself from an early age. As a result, he is very independent and reliable. “Florian is very likable and easygoing, and also an archetypal top. I don’t see him bottoming for the time being. He creates a good atmosphere for the new models. They like working with him and he leaves a positive impression with them as they come into the company.

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