Introducing Phillipe Gaudin

Phillipe GaudinPhillipe Gaudin comes from a very small city. Actually, we came to learn that he hails from a very small village of about 200 people about 20 miles from this small city. He is a young guy with a cheeky grin, youthful body and nice dick with a little bend. Unlike most guys who are very nervous when they come in to us the first time, Phillipe has no issues showing himself off for us.

Even though he doesn’t appear to be gay, I suspect that he also enjoys sex with boys.

Phillipe is witty and bright but you can still feel that he is a country boy. He is only 20 years old and can still be very gullible and surprised by many things in the big city. Now that he has started to travel to Bratislava regularly his mother is asking questions. So he pretends he is visiting his cousin Henri Gaudin and consulting on university studies.

He first told me he was considering diplomatic school as a course of study and also indicated an interest in making photographs. I told him in situations such as this it is critical to make up his own mind, but that his course of action should be clear. I gently told him that he is too trusting and not very diplomatic: He spends much of his time going around innocently telling people stories that he should not be telling. Also, he is very free-thinking and in this job he will be a slave of the government and material for blackmail.

He gave it some thought and decided, in the end, to pass on diplomacy as a career and study something else so he can also have sex with boys at the same time. The new course of study is yet to be determined.


In the meantime, he is going to the gym. We asked him not to get too muscular. He is working on a very lean and athletic physique. Even though his dick is not the same size as Henri’s, it is definitely very sexy. The boy has a special quality and it is that he is almost constantly in a good mood. He cheers you up just having him around. He has tons of positive energy and is a natural-born salesman. He could sell sand to Arabs in the Sahara.

He is also more stylish and likes to dress up. He likes to take better care of himself than his cousin. He is one of those boys who does not represent in photographs as he does in real life; on video, he will be much better. Our customers should also know that he really loves sex and has enough energy for three models. Even though he doesn’t appear to be gay, I suspect that he also enjoys sex with boys. He is very uninhibited.

He shot his first training episode with Alex Orioli in December 2009. They come from the same region in Slovakia and had plenty to talk about. Manuel Rios is also from this region. He is also coming with us to South Africa and we will see what comes from it. We have not asked how he explained to his mother why he needs to spend a month in Cape Town![/spoiler]

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