Phillipe Gaudin, Hoyt Kogan and Helmut Huxley

We have a real treat for you today as part of our Helmut Huxley Accidental Lovers special. A legendary 3way with Helmut Huxley, Hoyt Kogan and Phillipe Gaudin.

It gets harder and harder to drag Phillipe Gaudin away from his job as production manager, but sometimes the temptations are just too great, and I think that there is not a guy on the planet who would be able to refuse an invitation to fuck either Helmut Huxley and Hoyt Kogan, and both of them together is the porn equivalent of Adam refusing the apple from Eve.
Day one is all about fucking Phillipe Gaudin and on day 2 it is Helmut Huxley‘s turn to be pleasured.

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