Brandon Manilow

Brandon Manilow is an archetypal top with a permanent erection, says George Duroy. But he is also equally adept as a bottom. He was trained by Dano Sulik, who became a little bit insecure, sexually, and confessed to me that Brandon was already more experienced than he. Remember, this is Dano Sulik, who is no slouch. Brandon hails from a small town and lived a sheltered life as the son of a farmer (they cultivate various grains). He enjoys playing soccer in his private time. George has taken note of the fact that Brandon is a quick study. On location in Brazil, for example, he watched locals climb a coconut tree and repeated their moves exactly just a few minutes later. He is very crafty, a self-learner, and this applies to his sexual gifts as well, says George. He traveled to Australia with Josh Eliot to improve his English and model for Aussiebum underwear. During his stay, Brandon had two Japanese girlfriends who were heartbroken to see him go; this does not count Brandons desire to fuck a cute ass every now and then, too. If there was one boy of all my models Id chose to be stuck with on a deserted island, it would definitely have to be Brandon, George says.

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