Eric Bouna, Alex Orioli and Luke Hamill

Eric BounaEric Bouna moved to Budapest because the rustic country life wasn’t for him. He originally came to Bel Ami two years ago, but only recently decided to work in front of the camera. He received inspiration watching Brandon Manilow in a Bel Ami film. “After his first filmed episode, Eric even called his mother just to tell her how smoothly everything went.” If only we were a fly on the wall at the other end of that conversation!

Alex shoots his juice into Eric’s mouth while Luke shoots his jizz right up onto Eric’s ass…

Eric is a fortunate young trainee for he’ll be receiving an international training session with two very experienced trainers, Luke Hamill, a Czech, and Alex Orioli, a Slovak, who will whip his cute Hungarian arse into shape. According to Luke, “Today we’re planning a tri-state coalition of the willing.” They might not comprehend each others’ language, but sex is a means of communication everyone truly understands.

Alex certainly knows how to get things rolling. His enthusiasm revs up as he quickly depants Eric, going for the trainee’s pecker straightaway. Luke does a little camera work, but he doesn’t have the patience for it, especially with so much cock and ass right before his nose.


As Eric slobbers over Alex’s dick, Luke slithers under Eric, fingering and inspecting his rosebud up close. Alex wins the right to boink the Hungarian first as Luke goes about recording it on his video cam. Just as quickly, Luke feels left out as he snuggles up to Alex wanting to play, but Alex’s mind is understandably preoccupied with what’s happening between his legs. So instead, Luke maneuvers over to Eric hoping to relieve his loneliness by giving him a super-duper blow-job. Soon, Alex, being a considerate friend, allows Luke to share in the stimulatingly warm, moist feeling of Eric’s inner body. Now that’s friendship. At least Alex gets his balls licked by Eric as a reward for relinquishing his coveted spot to Luke.

With the end approaching fast, Alex shoots his juice into Eric’s mouth while Luke shoots his jizz right up onto Eric’s ass, leaving a ribbon of cum dangling from a butt cheek. Eric, on the other hand, just couldn’t muster the necessary energy to release his pent-up reservoir of froth, not for want of trying.[/spoiler]

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