DVD: XL Files – Part 5

XL Files - Part 5How many times do you walk down the street or stop at a Starbucks or glance around the bus as you make your way to work in the morning and sight a gorgeously handsome young lad and wonder how he’d look naked, sitting on your couch, wanking off? How many times have you wished you could go up to him and ask, “Hey, how about coming to my place, strip naked, and, oh yeah, wank your snake for my amusement?” If you’re lucky he’d just smile, shake his head and turn away. If you’re unlucky, well, you know the story.

To be honest, the solo genre isn’t at the top of my list of video favorites.

So, isn’t it nice that the good folks at Bel Ami go out and find the cutest, the sexiest and most endowed specimens of the male gender, along with taking all the risks, so as to fulfill your every fantasy? True, he isn’t sitting on your couch, but hey, you can’t have everything. Bel Ami’s current release, XLFiles 5, is the latest in their solo line of videos.

To be honest, the solo genre isn’t at the top of my list of video favorites. A guy comes in, says he likes sex, loves to eat chicken and pizza, then takes his clothes off and commences to pleasure himself on the couch while, in a hypnotic trance, watches a porn flick. He shoots his load, smiles to the camera and we’re off to yet another candidate who does virtually the exact same thing. Wham bam thank you mam!


The three elements of a star model are a handsome face, a muscular body and a large penis. All the young men in XL Files 5 are outrageously over-qualified in the dick department.

It’s always a surprise and a joy when Bel Ami‘s model scouts uncover young men with major meat. Bel Ami quickly puts them on their Casting Couch and gives them screen tests – and they just keep on cumming!

In this fifth installment of the XL Files series Bel Ami is happy to be able to present another sixteen sexy guys with bulging baskets. All of these super-endowed studs’ casting auditions are being commercially issued in this dvd for the first time.

Also for the first time in an XL series dvd, Bel Ami introduce the extended casting format with longer interviews and out of the studio footage![/spoiler]

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