Paris, Lyon part 2

Paris, Lyon part 2Dolph Lambert, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Julien Hussey and Sebastian Bonnet were invited to France to make some public appearances in Paris and Lyon on behalf of Bel Ami, PinkTV and Deliso. It was the first time this group of guys met their public and we are very pleased that everything went off without a hitch.

The Bel Ami contingent flew in two groups: one lot from Prague, and the second from Budapest. They met up at the airport before heading over to their first appearance in Lyon. The guys had to ad-lib their way through a dance routine because they had no time to rehearse. We were pleasantly surprised with the results.

The guys had to ad-lib their way through a dance routine…

This was an especially memorable trip for Julian Hussey, as it was his first time out of Hungary and his first time on an airplane. He was especially well-received by French audiences, who judged him by his looks to be a native.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so the following set comprises quite an essay for you. The boys have other appearances coming up in Milan mid-November, and in London and Florida in December.

The other boys you will see in the pictures are professional dancers supplied to Deliso to help out. You’ll also catch a glimpse of our boys’ chaperone for this trip, Eliot Klien.

We’ll give you more details as they are confirmed…

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