George Duroy December Letter

After three and half years I have returned to the scene of crime.
This article I am writing in Cape Town once again. (Rather lazily and unwillingly – Luke is pulling down his shorts and parading around in nude, oiling himself for a sunbath and arguing about prices on the local market).

The reason for being in CT is simple: I am preparing the situation for a major winter shoot and possible BelAmi Photo School, which would be opened for the first time for our customers and fans (and -hopefully – help to pay the bill for the location rentals, of course.) You’ll learn more about it in the top part of this newsletter.

..don’t worry about economy. Bernanke promised to fix it…

The other reason is to pre-shoot material for a new complementary website which we are preparing for next year. (All of your favorites and a whole new group of fresh 18-19 years old models.) This time we are meeting also some South African boys for interviews .

At the same time Marty, Johan, Lukas, Elliot are shooting in Budapest full speed, trying to finish projects before the announced flu pandemic starts in earnest. Today they finished a scene with Kris Evans, Vadim Farrell and Manuel Rios, wo new blond beauties which will remind you of a young Josh Elliot, and a BJ marathon with 10 new boys… and… and so on.

I guess that this article is about as lazy as I am at this moment so I’ll better go to check some locations.

This time I gave in and rented a small helicopter to make Luke happy. I just hope he’ll dress for the occasion an put on his pants. (It would be embarrassing if the helicopter crashes and he is without pants). Hope some of you will join us in March. Who knows – may be we’ll discover some major talent. and if not, you’ll have some really good time.

And don’t worry about economy. Bernanke promised to fix it – and as you all know, he always keeps his promises.