George Duroy November Letter

This month I am not continuing my bitching favorites, but never fear as they will soon return. This month, instead, I am feeling seriously sexy. Of course, that is also the title of our new movie starring Brandon Manilow. Some of the scenes here featuring Brandon were filmed years ago and I have heard from our customers who want to know why they are being released now. Well, there is an interesting story to that.

A very different movie was to be filmed in March 2006 in Cape Town, South Africa. We had been filming in the picturesque city since 2002 and this was our eighth production trip. We had secured a beautiful hotel with landscaped grounds; it was quite lovely and our location scout assured us the hotel was aware of our intentions.

..we had a cast and crew of 20 people ready to begin filming the very next day, and no location at all.

Then we arrived and it all went very wrong. The hotel somehow was under the impression we were there for a fashion photo shoot, not to film porn. So we had a cast and crew of 20 people ready to begin filming the very next day, and no location at all. It was a total disaster; I really had to improvise.

For five days we flmed without knowing what kind of movie the episodes would become. All the while, our location scout was busy securing new locations. I shot two episodes in our rooms, just standalone scenes. Then one day at breakfast, I was reading the “Capetown Times” and there was a headline that jumped out at me: “Green Light to Pink Marriages.”

Suddenly, I had my idea! Already I knew our customers enjoyed Brandon Manilow and Josh Elliot together. So I decided they would play a couple and the movie would be about gay marriage; it was a complete improvisation.

We had secured a private home owned by a woman that all of our boys loved. She was quite a character. We were to film a party scene that turned into a huge orgy. But I realized it doesn’t usually happen that way. At these parties sometimes two people will steal away to an empty room or quiet corner and start having sex: blowjobs, rimming, fucking, whatever. This was a means to make multiple scenes out of one large group of boys.

The final scene was to feature Brandon and Josh in a flip-flop scene but neither one of them could bottom for various reasons. We tried to make it work and it did not. This was a love story with a romantic couple who drive the whole story and I could not have the final scene between them. I was pissed, I can tell you.

So because I have the luxury of having other material in reserve, and because I have them around all the time, I decided to store the film and wait until I could convince them to properly bottom for each other. I was almost sure it would work out. But when one of them was ready, the other was not. This went on and on until I had to give up on the idea. And so I had to think about what to do to make this story work.

After the original production what I had was too much material for one film, and not enough material for two films. I eventually used two episodes for other projects. I met with my team and we finally finished the film this year. We shot two new scenes this past summer, which you will see in Part Two next spring. And I improvised an ending that is a different angle on the original storyline.

I believe our customers will enjoy the cast for these films. Alex, Manuel and Brandon are still around, of course, and Paul Valery is still in contact with us and available to film again. But most of the other cast members are not currently active. Never fear, however, as I have plenty of episodes still in reserve for each member of this cast.