George Duroy October Letter

Careful analysis of some bitching (or comments) on our website shows that there are two all time favorites and several evergreens. I’d like to offer some explanation here even though biggest ‘bitchers’ (or bitches ?) will probably never read this article.

I know the porn business upside down.

The most often heard complaint is about SHAVING PUBES. Most of our customers seem to be irritated by the fact that models are trimming or shaving their pubes. Some are even convinced I am lurking in the reception area with a razor in my hand, pulling down model’s pants and in case they show signs of fully grown pubes, I forcibly shave them right there on the spot, just to annoy them and to keep our subscription on a manageable level. (One customer even wrote to us that shaved models must have crabs). If this is the case it would be enough to tie me up and the problem would be solved instantly.

Unfortunately, the situation is bit more complex. From reason unknown to me (and beyond my control) young boys in the Central European region have arrived at the conclusion that shaving is IN and very hot and sexy. I keep fighting it on daily basis but, admittedly, it seems to be lost battle. No matter how much I plead or argue with them, they pretend to forget or not to understand. It’s like fighting a swine flu epidemic. No matter what we do, it keeps coming. So I have 2 options when they come trimmed: send them home or shoot. In the first case (especially with the brand new ones) I risk losing them to other studios. In second case you bitch and Bitch and BITCH!!!

The second equally persistent complaint is SOFT DICKS ON BOTTOMS during the penetration. This one is more difficult to talk about because it means betraying the porn community and leaking one of the basic business secrets.

Let start with few questions: Do you sincerely believe that a straight boy can keep his dick rock hard for 2-3 hours of shooting in front of a camera crew because he is SOOO aroused and horny? (I recommend you to check some older porn. You’ll see very few hard bottoms. Did you ever asked why?) Did you ever hear the word caverject (or papaverin or triple mix or whatever)? Inject 100ml+ up your dick and I swear you’ll be SOOOOOOOOO aroused that you’ll be able to perform even in a lesbian nursing home flawlessly. Have you ever seen surgeon trying to put down a 9 hour long erection? (One of the potential and nastier side effects) If yes, you wouldn’t get an erection for quite a while. And you would stop lecturing me about what is hot, or accusing me of a soft bottom fetish. Or or or…

I don’t claim that every hard bottom in porn needs such strong chemical stimulation. Some of them are born with the ideal prostate.

You see some of them on our site with erections while bottoming. But if it is a constant feature of some website, you can bet your ass that this is what’s going on. I know the porn business upside down. It’s easy to invest $10 in the ‘perfect’ scene. Certainly way cheaper than my way of shooting. Hopefully there are also some other turn-ons than this one.

For example me bottoming for Lukas. Or Michael Lucas? We can have dirty talk in Russian. Triakhay menya. daragoy!