George Duroy August Letter

The second of my highly educational contributions in this column was supposed to be about monetary matters related to porn companies, to correct some of the public misconceptions about our fabulous earnings. Unfortunately my webmaster Dehanoia (nothing to do with Paranoia) asked me to write about a more imminent issue: Orgy scenes and condom-free episodes from our rental shop being released for downloads over next few months. To avoid the repetition of the hysteria from 2005 when I was accused of switching to bareback I feel obliged to explain few things before being lynched this time.

1.Every month BelamiOnline will release one bonus orgy and one latex-free classic from our existing archive of episodes. They are going to be available for just four weeks from the release date for long time BA collectors and customers. Each scene will be accompanied by George Duroy‘s commentary in the commentary section.

2. In the orgy section you’ll get all the major orgies with more than 7 models released by BA from year 1994. Not necessarily in the original order.

3. In the condom-free section, you’ll get all the episodes we kept for rentals only(with exception of Tommy Hanson and Tim Hamilton which will be released as a part of the GREEK HOLIDAY online collectors edition later next year). This collection will include condom-free versions of such classics as the Josh Elliot/Matt Philippe scene from Pretty Boy or the Tommy Hansen/Sebastian Bonnet kitchen scene from Alpine Adventures. Other episodes will be from our earlier internet programming, including some unreleased ones. Most of these scenes have been available for some years now for people who were interested to watch them. Now they’ll be available for all of you. Those of you who are not interested simply don’t turn it on.

Bareback is a bit of a sleazy word…

4. I am using the phrase condom-free as opposed to bareback intentionally. Bareback is a bit of a sleazy word suggesting risk involved in certain sexual practice. Condom free suggests partners who are not using protection because there is no risk worth mentioning involved. I will talk about this topic more in this section in future. For time being you’ll have to take me for my word that there is a major difference between California and Slovakia as for HIV or STD risks. NONE of my models has EVER tested positive for ANY STD in the 15 years I am in business.

Now I’ve gone back and read what I’ve written so far. It looks bit pre-pissed. I don’t like to go through unproductive bitching and I know there is some ahead of me as usual. Funny. In the end most of you expect oral cum shots from me almost automatically. Hopefully you’ll survive the rest of it, too.

The Financial delicacies from the life of porn companies will be coming soon but not next. The next installment of this section will be about bitching and some hot topics that feed bitching, such as shaved pubes, lack of smiles and especially your favorite topic of keeping hard on while bottoming. Any comments please address to