New DVD: Lars Norgaard in Perfect Package 1

New DVD: Lars Norgaard in Perfect Package 1

Get in his pants, get in his life… New DVD with Lars Norgaard

Lars Norgaard is close to perfection. Lars Norgaard is a name which may sound very exotic and Nordic and the boy coming with this name definitely looks also exotic and Nordic. The truth however is much more mundane and Lars is a boy from a very small city in southern Hungary and comes with all the baggage and prejudices of any small town boy. He is slightly metrosexual, slightly homophobic, and rightly suspects, to his alarm, that he may enjoy having sex with boys.
He also may have been one of the most difficult exercises ever in turning a boy into a porn star that we have ever had, says George Duroy. Enjoy the one and only Lars Norgaard!

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