Josh and Alex can’t keep their hands to themselves

Utilizing a hotel room in Cape Town, Josh Elliot and Alex Orioli are so hot for each other they can’t keep their hands to themselves as they make a beeline to the bed, fondling buttocks as they go. After some steamy kissing and caressing Josh wants to get on with the boinking in the worst way. But Alex, ever the romantic, wants to continue with the foreplay a bit longer. Finally, Josh can’t take it any longer and commences to caress Alex’s rosebud, warming it up for what’s to come. At one point Alex is lying flat on his back with legs spread wide to either side as Josh works the focal point between them with the energy of a slug hammer.

After a while Alex just can’t keep his seed from exploding and let’s go several spurts as Josh continues to bang away. Obviously both are [spoiler]proud of this feat as they discuss Alex’s surprise ejaculation with the cameraman. But Alex isn’t done by a long shot. No siree! He’s back for seconds as Josh has yet to release his pent-up energy. With Alex’s velvety innards feeling so darn good, though, Josh quickly rips the condom from his pecker and shoots a wad-and-a-half all over Alex’s backside. One could easily conclude by watching these lads that if the camera hadn’t been there they would’ve had this encounter anyway for they were definitely hungry for each other.[/spoiler]

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