New DVD – Lovers of my Lover: Jack Harrer and Kevin Warhol

Sharing is fun … how about sharing lovers?
For years Jack Harrer was quite content having the fattest dick around. Then this would-be usurper, Peter Annaud, came along and he is unsure if he is happy or threatened with the competition.

The great love affair of Kevin Warhol and Jack Harrer is over. Will either learn to love another? Of course! But not without incurring jealousy and competition as they each compete for the attention of our newcomers.

We did not wish to have two newcomers in one edition. But with KinkyAngels approaching its final stages, how can we deny you, our loyal dear fans one last nostalgic look at the four original members Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta all together?

Buy this DVD for as little as $44.95!

Watch the full movie here »

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