DVD: Paul, Trevor and Mark in a scene from ‘Some Like it Big’

Some Like it BigHey, boys. Do you both know why we’re all here today?” Paul Valery asks. “To compete and see who has the biggest dick,” Trevor Yates responds with a knowing grin. With three, well-hung, virile young boys just sitting around, there’s nothing to do but compare measurements of one’s compatriots whose schlongs are itching to bloat to full size. Naturally Trevor wins with Mark Zebro enviously asking, “You robbed an elephant, didn’t you?” With measurements out of the way, next comes strength and endurance with Mark holding up his jeans that are draped over his rock-hard stiffy. But, once again, Trevor wins by draping all three guys’ jeans over his powerful hard-on. Feeling their throbbing monsters is next as they take hold of each other’s cocks and start jerking them off. The camera catches some wonderful angles of the trio’s undercarriages with their swinging nads and open tushies on full display before Trevor shoots his wad into Paul’s mouth. Paul, in return, lets fly a long range missile over Trevor’s shoulder.

BelAmi’s Marty Stevens has come out with a new video entitled Some Like It BIG which has the potential of being extremely tedious, what with having to sit through two whole hours of ten gorgeous hunks stuffing their unbelievably oversized [spoiler]dicks into willing orifices in six mouthwatering episodes. If that isn’t enough, watching them play with those behemoths like excited children in a toy store will really bring tears to our eyes. Tears of sadness, that is, for the video is too short, there aren’t enough models, and most importantly of all, there are far too few gargantuan schlongs to satisfy our obsessive need for longer, thicker, and yes, just plain bigger male endowments.

The last test is to see who can take the other’s massive horse dong up his derrière. It’s Trevor’s day across-the-board as he bends over to receive first Mark’s and then Paul’s, even while sucking the other off. How ambidextrous! He takes it like a man, though, without a whimper, to the delight of the other boys who are more than satisfied by Trevor’s expertise. Paul, who’s always grateful for sex, rewards Trevor with a chockfull of aromatic cream he squirts directly into Trevor’s mouth. There’s one thing for sure: we now know what a gaggle of well-endowed lads do with each other behind closed doors. They revel in their good fortune.[/spoiler]

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