Paul Valery’s Stairway of Heaven

Stairway of heavenPaul Valery and Ollie Safranov are playing a little one-on-one football (soccer) until the fumbling Paul grows tired, needing refreshment. His interpretation of refreshment is a tad different from Ollie’s as he leads his newfound conquest up the “stairway of heaven” in a nearby abandoned building until they reach his “secret hideaway” in the stairwell. After small talk about scary beasts and monsters, Ollie anxiously pulls Paul’s pants down slowly, revealing a beautifully lush dark thick bush of pubic hair, and then, with a quick jerk, out flies Paul’s “monster,” staring Ollie square in the face. With wide-eyed surprise, Ollie blurts, “Now this is a more frightening creature.” “Terrifying,” responds Paul smilingly.

If Ollie is frightened he doesn’t show it as he enthusiastically goes about sucking Paul’s dick, licking his hairy balls, and taking his bountiful cum in the mouth. Ollie straightens up, going for the mouth, even as Paul’s cum dribbles down his mouth and chin. Paul, always accommodating and [spoiler]with his famously irrepressible ear-to-ear grin on his face, sucks Ollie’s pecker as though it were a delicious ice-cream cone. Even while slurping up Ollie’s tangy cum, the grin remains for invariably Paul wants something a bit more tangible, like having the cute baby-faced Ollie riding his cock. After growing tired of that position, they move to a standing one where their shanks catch our appreciative stare. Their tête-à-tête on the derelict-looking, but photographically beautiful, stairway comes to an end with Paul shooting his gooey gobs of jizz all over Ollie’s butt cheeks.[/spoiler]

This clip is from the DVD Lemonade

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