LAST SUMMER IN GREECE 9: Adam Archuleta and Hoyt Kogan

Adam_Archuleta_and_Hoyt_Kogan_headWith his friends Jerome Exupery and Helmut Huxley having stolen sexy sailor Torsten Ullman from him, Hoyt Kogan is determined to not let it get him down. After doing some shopping alone Hoyt wonders the streets of Mykonos and runs into the charming Adam Archuleta.

The two walk around and talk before deciding it best they go back home and really get to know each other. Once they are alone Adam wastes no time getting Hoyt in bed. The chemistry between these two is obviously apparent and when Adam tops Hoyt it’s as if they were already lovers.
This stunning scene is beautifully filmed and has more intimacy than the previous scenes from the series.

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