DVD: Kurt Diesel and Trevor Yates in a scene from Some Like it Big 2

Some Like it Big 2It starts with a hike in the hills for Kurt Diesel in this scene of the DVD Some Like it Big 2.

One could easily think we’re in Southern California as Trevor Yates joyrides along a winding road behind the wheel of a yellow GTO convertible. He soon comes across a hunky, good-looking hitchhiker, Kurt Diesel, who is more than happy for the ride, and the company. Ah, but there’s a price to be paid, and Kurt gladly pays it. On an open windswept plain in the middle of nowhere Kurt is sucking Trevor’s schlong with gusto on the hood of the American classic. Kurt, with mouth agape, takes it all in as Trevor spills his wet, gooey seed. But Kurt quickly receives a payback when, totally naked and spread-eagled on the hood, he gets his dipstick checked and wiped clean. He discharges his wad directly [spoiler]onto Trevor’s face as ribbons of warm cum cling and drip from Trevor’s nose to his lips below like melted cheese from a pizza slice. It’s quite an amusing sight.

Trevor recommends his place to resume their tête à tête in more comfortable surroundings. When we catch up with them Kurt is rimming his ride’s exhaust pipe, and as he moves to the perineum, Trevor lets go a burst of frothy elixir. For the pièce de résistance, surprise, surprise, it’s Trevor who takes the dominant position by ramming Kurt’s tushie, pushing the pedal to the metal, as it were, as though still behind the wheel of his GTO out on the open road, flooring it for all its worth.

For these guys at least, size is not important…. It is essential[/spoiler]

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