Vince Noyes

Vince NoyesVince Noyes is in school studying computer sciences and information technology. However, he has realized that sitting behind a computer all day long does not hold enough interest for him. He is also interested in bartending; he attends competitions, took courses and began going to clubs to study bartending.

He enjoys showing himself off and drawing attention, George Duroy

He knows that he really preferred to be among people, and after he came to Bel Ami and began filming, Vince understood that he has a strong exhibitionist streak. “He enjoys showing himself off and drawing attention,” George Duroy says. “He is undecided about the career to which he should commit himself, but I believe I know which one will win out in the end.” Despite his exhibitionism, Vince is still a little bit stiff and withdrawn on camera. He is not on exclusive contract, but he is relaxing into the job and our customers liked him very much.

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