Jean-Claude Duvall and Davy Paxton in a scene from the DVD Love Affairs

Love AffairsJean-Claude Duvall and Davy Paxton are already naked and sitting on the sofa making out in the DVD Love Affairs scene 6; Morning Affair. In one unique and seldom used position, Davy’s feet are on the floor, his back is supported by the bottom cushion of the couch as he props his body up for Jean-Claude to straddle him. The camera shows his butt muscles hanging by gravitational force, making them appear big, heavy, and delightfully squeezable. Jean-Claude sucks his friend’s cock while straddling him, while Davy rims Jean-Claude’s butt crack from behind.

Jean-Claude changes to all fours with Davy above him. Davy’s ass spreads open above Jean-Claude’s exposed ass and swinging balls. As Davy pumps away he reaches behind him to play with his own butt crack. In fact, he likes keeping his hand back there practically during the whole time he’s boinking Jean-Claude’s derrière; a very interesting and unusual situation that’s rarely been seen before. As to be expected, both are rewarded for their sweaty exertions with copious cum shots all round.

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