Manuel and Trevor

We’re reveling as well for Trevor Yates is coupled next with Manuel Rios. Marty asks them a question we’re all thinking, “You both have big dicks. What are the pros and cons of this endowment in your lives?” Manuel doesn’t have a problem. As for Trevor, “Usually admiration, but they don’t want it up their ass.” “I’m an admirer,” Manuel gushes. And aren’t we all? Oh, with “only”—Trevor’s word—a 24cm schlong, he has a problem at the beach. His Speedos can’t contain his hard-on. We should have such problems.

Once out of their clothes and after mutually admiring the other’s manhood—Manuel being virtually mesmerized by Trevor’s—Manuel gets on his knees and commences to experience nirvana by stuffing as much of that oversized phallus as he can into his mouth. The view from below looking up their undercarriages is most eye-appealing, what with Manuel’s dark hirsute butt and thighs, and Trevor’s light short and curlies sticking out from his dangling ball sack. The profile of Trevor’s butt cheek is alluringly shapely and watching [spoiler]Manuel’s butt flex with each suck of his thick tool is absolutely hypnotic.

With the preliminaries out of the way, Trevor slides most of his 24cm into Manuel’s butt crack between two well-formed butt cheeks. Instead of being hesitant at taking such a considerable boner up his tush, it seems to spur Manuel on for he takes the initiative by moving back and forth on his friend’s throbbing muscle. Next, he’s atop Trevor like a bronco rider with his inflated bent pecker bouncing up and down to the rhythm of their lovemaking. Your eyes can’t help but stare as it flops about with such abandon. When Trevor can’t restrain the frothing liquid in his balls any longer he lets it loose straight into Manuel’s mouth. In return, Manuel sucks Trevor’s wet wand clean as a whistle of the remaining sticky globs of cum.[/spoiler]

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