Sascha and Mark

Once again we find SaschaChaykin, this time in Backstage Affair, with none other than Mark Zebro. After playing in the surf, taking photos of each other around the beach, and spying on another porn episode being filmed, they prance off to the bedroom where Sascha immediately yanks Mark’s shorts off. His eyes grow large with amazement when he finds what’s been hidden underneath: a huge, long schlong sporting a hard-on with an equally huge head at its tip. Sascha wastes little time before licking this masterpiece of male appendages from the very tip to the bottom of the balls. Sascha’s own eye-popping groin is just as appealing, surrounded by beautiful brown pubic hair and a large head atop his downward bent cock which Mark sticks down his flexibly nimble throat like a pro.

Mark does a little dildo play on Sascha’s wink hole, preparing it for his humongous tool which effortlessly slides into the outstretched opening. Sascha’s groin is big and inviting, and when he gets on all fours, his succulently [spoiler]looking junk hangs so provocatively between his thighs, guaranteeing to make anyone envious with breathless longing. After straddling Sascha from behind Mark’s dark butt crack and balls come into view above Sascha’s, thus causing a conundrum: which succulent hunks of meat to slobber over first? Thank goodness we’re given enough time to take it all in and chisel the libido-inducing scene into our long-term memory banks.

The condom comes off Mark’s schlong with Sascha gleefully licking it as Mark lets go a wad directly into Sascha’s gaping mouth. Evidently it’s so darn good tasting Sascha licks the goo all the way up and down Mark’s supersized rod. When Sascha pumps himself off, Mark is at the ready to take it all in, wasting not a single drop of the sticky white elixir. Afterward, they’re in the shower comparing the size of their semi limp cocks. Mark definitely wins by a centimeter or two, but heck, what’s a centimeter or so when one is presented with such a stellar pair of male appendages hanging from beautifully sculptured torsos?[/spoiler]

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