Oleg Tarkowski

Oleg Tarkowski was one of the models who worked for low-budget companies before he started with Bel Ami. He was a model, like Steve Jennings, who was part of our exchange program with other studios. There are some models who are the faces of Bel Ami, and who too closely identified with us and therefore you would not exchange, says George Duroy. But the models who were also very good, but not too closely identified with the company, we would loan out. For many years, he was a part of the Bel Ami team. Oleg was known for his very Slavic looks, including those wide cheekbones, and was a very elegant, good-looking model. George is not surprised that Oleg eventually began working as an escort, but when George found out he released Oleg from his contract. That kind of work invites too much trouble to the company, and has the potential to cause real damage. To his credit, George says, Oleg took the news well and was always willing to work and was cooperative with whatever George needed. Today, he is still working for other European companies using the name Karel Rok.

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